District/School-to-Home Communications


Our website offers a wide range of information that you can explore. It features a consistent template designed to help users quickly access information, regardless of the specific website page you are visiting. To access our school website, simply use the "District Home" option located at the top of the district or any school website page. This convenient feature ensures easy navigation and access to the websites you need.

The district and/or school website(s) may include on-screen alerts for important notifications. Upon your initial visit to the site, a window will appear, requiring you to read the information provided before proceeding. This ensures you are informed about important updates or announcements before accessing the website's content.


Mass Notification System

Berrien Springs Public Schools uses a school system-wide notification system called School Messenger to quickly communicate with families and employees through multiple channels. This system seamlessly works with our student and employee information systems, so we can personally contact families and employees with vital information.

To receive timely information, families should ensure the contact information (including all phone numbers, email addresses, and physical address(es)) is accurate and up-to-date in our PowerSchool system. Please note: once information is changed in PowerSchool, it takes up to 24 hours to update within the mass notification system.