Berrien Springs Deaf/Hard of Hearing Program

In the early 1960's area parents encouraged the start of a local oral program for deaf and hard of hearing students. Because there is not a significant deaf community in this area, parents wanted their children to be able to use spoken and written English for communication. Currently, between 40-50 children are served at the center based program on the Berrien Springs campus. Another 60-70 deaf/hard of hearing students attend school in their local districts with teacher consultant support.

Teaching children to maximize their residual hearing has always been a top priority for this program. When the program started in the mid 60's, advancements in hearing aids encouraged the use of an “auditory method", teaching children to use their remaining hearing to the greatest extent possible. Cochlear implants have greatly improved the ability of students with severe and profound hearing losses to speak clearly, listen and develop receptive and expressive, spoken and written, English language skills. The dedication to developing children's listening skills remains at the forefront.

One Sylvester Avenue
Berrien Springs, MI 49103


Celeste Pauley- Coordinator

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