Vision & Mission Statement


Together, inspiring students to think, learn, achieve and care in a global community


To work together, BSPS strives to involve all stakeholders in the educational process:

  • Staff, students, community and families collaborate for maximum student progress.
  • Inspiring a passion for learning is a primary focus:
    • Students and staff are passionate, enthusiastic learners.
    • Teachers act as facilitators, assisting students in their pursuits of learning.
  • Building thinking skills is essential:
    • Students pose and answer questions, solve problems, and use reasoning skills.
    • Students think and work both independently and in groups.
  • Learning is a lifelong experience for students and staff:
    • Effective, engaged learning takes place when students and staff make real world connections.
    • Students acquire the skills and knowledge in a variety of flexible, multi-sensory learning opportunities tailored to individual needs.
  • Achievement is demonstrated through knowledge, talents, skills and abilities:
    • BSPS holds high expectations for all students to produce their best work.
  • Caring is more than a motto:
    • Staff and students work together in a nurturing, safe environment, respecting our highly diverse population.
    • Students and staff develop caring connections by helping to meet local and worldwide needs.
  • We live in a global community and we are preparing students for a global future:
    • Students learn with each other to understand, respect and communicate with various cultures.
    • Students prepare to live and work anywhere in the world, with an understanding of and interest in global issues.
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