Mars Elementary

The Mars Elementary family of educators are committed to providing a developmentally appropriate and safe learning environment where all children succeed. Mars Elementary has approximately 450 students including a hearing impaired classroom, Great Start Readiness Pre-School classrooms, and 17 kindergarten through second grade general education classrooms. We provide general music, visual arts, physical education, full library services, and, if parents choose to participate, extension/enrichment activities through virtual offerings. For students meeting qualification guidelines we also offer special education programming, speech and language programming, Title I intervention, English as a second language (ESL) support and social work services. Mars Elementary is a unique and diverse environment for ALL children to learn. Welcome to Mars Elementary!


  • Students are unique individuals with special talents and abilities.
  • All students can learn and be successful.
  • Students learn at different rates and in different ways.
  • Students need a safe, supportive, disciplined environment to learn.
  • That each staff member respects and cares for all students equally.
  • That each staff member contributes to student success.
  • Parental and community support is essential to effective schools.
  • The cultural diversity and heritage of our community is important.
  • Parents. schools, and the community must work cooperatively to ensure quality educational programs.

We are a Bucket Filling School. What is bucket filling?

When your bucket is full, you feel more confident, secure, calm, patient, and friendly. Your thoughts are positive and you expect positive results. When your bucket is overflowing, you experience an intense happiness that can spread to those around you. Have you ever felt better after someone gave you a friendly smile or happy grin? This is the "ripple effect" of a full bucket.

We teach children that by being kind, helpful, responsible, and respectful they fill other people's buckets. This also fills their bucket because they feel good behaving this way.

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Dee Voss- Principal
Melissa Prestine- Assistant Principal

8:45 am - 3:42 pm

8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Contact Information

430 W. Mars St.
Berrien Springs, MI 49103


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