Project Based Learning Electives provided by the Berrien Springs Virtual Academy

Intro to Carpentry, remodeling, and tool usage with Victor Fuentes Fall 2023

  • All students must complete a project for these classes.
  • Instructor: Victor Fuentes
  • Contact Info: 310-597-1354    email:
  • Location:  46588 CR703  Coloma
  • Day/Time: Tuesdays for 8 weeks.   Classes begin Sept. 19
  • Ages: 11-19
  • No additional registration is required at this location

Tuesdays, 9:30-11:30am

LIKE TO BUILD THINGS? Let’s build! This class introduces general TOOL USE with both power and manual tools used in construction.  Saws, drills, hammers, screw guns, miter box, levels, and other tools used in new construction and remodeling.  After the tools introduction, safety practices, and measurement training, the students will apply those skills and construct a small take home project.  Then we will move onto real job site type building. Rough Framing walls, window and door openings,  drywall installation, and as many typical construction scenarios we can fit into the semester! There will be TRICKS OF THE TRADES taught each class as well. This will introduce students to actual home building , Tool usage, Job safety and  Remodeling skills on a small scale. This Class is a prerequisite for the intermediate building class where we will begin to build a tiny home for the entire semester. Open to any skill level. Victor has been involved in all aspects of the building trades for 33 YRS.

Safety and Class Expectations:
Safety will be discussed first day of class and emphasized all throughout the semester. All materials will be provided.

Intro to Carpentry Syllabus

Tuesdays, 12:30-2:30pm

This class is the follow up to the Intro to Carpentry Class by Victor Fuentes, and its highly recommended that All students would have first completed the Intro to Carpentry class prior to this class. Some exceptions may be made if the student has had some experience in the carpentry field. Exceptions to the prerequisite will be reviewed on a case by case basis. If the student hasn’t taken the Intro class and wishes to participate please email Victor and we can discuss previous experience and make a decision as to class entry.

Students have cut wood with power saws, hammered nails with hammers and nail guns, measured marked and cut wood framing members , built a small project and framed a section of wall and installed drywall….Now it’s time to get a little bit bigger…..Were going to quickly review what we learned last semester and begin to build a shed / tiny cabin . We will progress on this as far as time allows during the semester, mainly exposing the students to various elements and stages as opposed to finishing each stage due to semester time.. Subfloor, walls, windows and doors, ceiling joists, rafters, roof sheathing shingles and vinyl siding! It will be small scale, but will include the elements used in large scale building. We may venture into doors and hardware.

Victor Fuentes has over 33 yrs experience in commercial and residential construction, both new and remodeling. He has experience in furniture and cabinet making, and drafting blueprints. Since finishing his apprenticeship in Chicago 1993, Victor has won 3 building awards.

Intermediate Carpentry Syllabus

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