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Berrien Springs Discovery Academy: A Tradition of Excellence in Alternative Education

Berrien Springs Discovery Academy boasts a rich history as one of the premier Alternative Education programs in the state. Our pragmatic approach to online education is tailor-made for the modern At-Risk student, offering flexible scheduling, self-paced courses, and remote access. Our dedicated and compassionate staff are committed to helping students achieve their goals.

Diploma Tracks:
We offer two distinct paths to a high school diploma:

  • A traditional 29-credit diploma aligns with Berrien Springs High School's graduation standards.
  • The Discovery Academy diploma track also spans 18 credits.

Both tracks lead to Michigan Merit Curriculum (MMC) accredited diplomas. Eligible students can take Career and Technical Education classes, Dual Enrollment at local colleges, and participate in Discovery's Job Genius Program. We also provide the option for students to undertake work-study, given they secure meaningful employment.

Discovery Academy Job Fair:
Every spring, we host the Discovery Academy Job Fair, recognized as one of the most significant job fairs for high school students in southwestern lower Michigan. This event empowers students to apply classroom learning in real-world scenarios, interacting with local employers and business leaders. Our dedicated full-time Workforce Coordinator is on hand to foster business partnerships and assist students with career skills, internships/apprenticeships, and mentorship connections.

Job Genius Program: 
In collaboration with Express Employment Professionals, Discovery Academy offers the Job Genius program. This comprehensive program focuses on career readiness, soft skills, personal development training, and networking. It introduces students to tangible career opportunities within local businesses, providing an insightful glimpse into potential future career pathways.

Post-Graduation Success:
Many of our alumni opt for further studies in technical or trade schools, community colleges, and universities. Others choose the military as a career path, while some dive directly into the workforce after high school.

Our Commitment to At-Risk Students:
Life's challenges can sometimes derail a student's traditional academic journey. This is where we step in. We take immense pride in our success rate with students who have previously dropped out or were close to doing so. Many who join us are credit-deficient, seeking effective ways to bridge the gap. Our specialty? At-Risk students. Our team has a way for reaching out to those once considered unreachable.

Why Choose the Discovery Academy?

  • 24/7 Access to Courses
  • Ability to Study at Home
  • Two Distinct Graduation Tracks
  • *Zero tuition fees for dual enrollment for college credit (eligibility criteria apply)
  • Career & Technical Education Courses (eligibility criteria apply)
  • Career Readiness Skills through the Job Genius Program
  • Fully Funded Education for Students
  • On-site workstations for easy access.
  • Provision of laptops and internet services where needed.
  • Offering Two Graduations Annually

Choose the non-traditional path to your high school diploma with Berrien Springs Discovery Academy!



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