Glen Oaks Community College

Read about the overall Dual Enrollment process, requirements and limitations.

Open to students in grades 9-12

Glen Oaks High School Options

The application and registration process is easy:

  1. Meet with an advisor: 
    Adrienne Skinner:
  2. Take the college's placement test which determines the student's overall reading and math proficiency.  If you already have ACT or SAT scores, those may be submitted for consideration in place of taking the test.  
  3. Once the advisor has your scores and approves your choices, fill out their registration form (from the advisor) who will send it to Sharon for approval. 
  4. Fill out all sections except those reserved for High School use, including the names and section numbers of all classes and parent and student signatures
  5. Send to Sharon Haynes by scan for signature.  We will send it back for processing and let you know when registration is complete.

Due to state reimbursement rules for college classes:

  • If 1 dual enrollment class is taken, the student can and must take at least 1 regular partnership class, but can take up to 3 regular classes (including online).
  • If 2 dual enrollment classes are taken, the student must take 1 regular partnership class, and cannot take more. 

Dual enrollment students can take any class except for religion, craft/hobby, phys ed or remedial. Dual enrollment courses can be core subjects as long as they are taken for college credit only, non-core subjects can be taken for both high school and college credit.  ​ 

Note: Our payment to the college may cover all expenses, including books, for a 3 credit/3 contact hour class. High contact hour/billing hour classes may cost more than our allowance per class.  Any amount or books over the allowance is the responsibility of the family. The exact amount may not be known until after the class has begun.  Classes such as high level math, science, art, photography, etc. tend to have labs and high contact hours (5 or 6), depending on the school.  

To get the college classes you need, you may register before partnership registration opens. One other Partnership class is required (community or virtual) in order to take any dual enrollment class. If one dual enrollment class is taken, the student must take one but may take up to 3 community or virtual classes.  If the student is taking 2 dual enrollment classes, the student must take one and can only take that one community or virtual class.

At this time GOCC does not have a voucher system.  The parent must contact the bookstore to verify that the student's books are ready to be picked up, then call Sharon, who will call the bookstore to purchase them (or pay the rental fee) over the phone. If books are rented, they MUST be returned during the rental return period or the family will be responsible for either the purchase cost or late return fees.

If a student enrolls in a college class and withdraws from that class after the college's refund/transfer window, or receives a failing ending grade, he or she will not be eligible to take future dual enrollment classes through the Partnership. Parents have the option of reimbursing BSPS for all tuition and fees incurred in order to maintain their dual enrollment eligibility status.  If the student fails to reimburse the school, the student may not participate in the partnership in the future.