Alumni Testimonials

Hi! My name is Cori. I have grown up in several states and went to several schools. I ended my high school career in 2013 at the Discovery Academy in Berrien Springs, MI. I discovered the Discovery Academy online through my own research. I only had 6 months to graduation so instead of going to high school every day for hours, I was able to do my work online and went into the actual academy only a few times. This was nice because I was living on my own (with a boyfriend) at a very young age and was able to work. While attending the Discovery Academy I was also in a Emergency Medical Technician class through Lake Michigan College. When I graduated I was able to use my EMT schooling to obtain a full time job in a doctors office right after graduation. Mr. Gonzalez helped me every step of the way and answered any questions I had and still continues to today. Looking forward, I am now a licensed Emergency Medical Technician, Michigan State Certified Firefighter, Reserve Police Officer with the Berrien County Mounted Division, Certified Clinical Medical Assistant and working on a Registered Nursing Degree. In 2016, I currently work full time at a doctors office, part time on an ambulance, and volunteer at a fire dept and on the mounted police division. I also own a house with my significant other and two brand new cars. Anything is possible!!!