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Online Educational Resources

Wondering about how the State of Michigan views homeschooling, and what you need to do, or don't need to do in the eyes of the government?  For a  policy summary and links regarding homeschooling in MIchigan, see State of Michigan Homeschool Regulations and Graduation Requirements

Wondering about where to find out more about core standards and graduation requirements?  Click on the link above.

Need core curricula suggestions? Email Sharon at

Social networking is very important to homeschoolers, especially when just beginning the journey.  There are several types of homeschool social groups beyond the Partnership.  The Berrien Springs Parent Partnership is not a co-op or a network, but a unique educational partnership to enhance homeschool education by bringing together parents and educators in their local communities from all over the tri-county area.

  • Homeschool co-ops are educational in nature and usually require parent volunteers to teach and otherwise help run the co-op. 
  • Homeschool networks traditionally fill the role of connecting homeschoolers to each other for playdates, moms' coffee breaks, curriculum sales, information sharing, etc.  

There are local networks that serve our area:

A network exists to bring homeschool moms and students together for social events and to hold events of interest to homeschool families.  Membership is either free or costs very little and attendance at any events is entirely voluntary.

Lakeshore Lifelong Learners (Bridgman/Stev/SJ/Coloma and more)
Contact:  MaryAnn Annis at

SMCS (Southwest Mich Christian Home Scholars)
Contact: Rachel Rentas at

Local Co-ops

A Co-op exists to teach academics, core and non-core, to groups of students of similar ages.  Classes are usually taught and supervised by moms.  There is usually an application process and commitment is for the school year.

Classical Conversations (several locations across the region) 
Please contact Julie Bunnell for more details:

Covenant Learning Co-op 
Contact Jeannie Bryant:

Catholic Schoolhouse Co-op
Contact Carrie Husse

Dr. Scott Carlin, 517-803-5037 

  • SAT Prep class held at LMC in winter/spring

Dave Foster 269-313-1780 

  • ACT/SAT tutoring located in St. Joe​


One of the advantages of Partnership membership is being able to obtain a work permit.  Once the student has secured a job, the parent must come to Berrien Springs High School's main office, ask for a work permit, fill out student section, have the employer fill out their part and then return it to the school. The parent then needs to fill out the parent section.

Driver's Education is not a part of public school education, it is a service that parents seek and find in their community on a self-pay basis.  There are a number of driving schools in the area, just search the internet for local driving schools. 

Questions about testing for Dyslexia? Sharon will put you in contact with a great resource person:

Need to find out your student's proficiency level at reading or math?   
Jill Blackburn has been a homeschool mom for 13 years and a certified Barton Reading/Spelling Tutor for over 5 years. If anyone would like a reading assessment for their child, check out the Blackburn Tutoring website. Tutoring is available in Cass County or via the internet.

Andrews University
Center for Reading, Learning, and Assessment
Bell Hall, Suite 200

Classical Conversations provides annual standardized testing opportunities. Please contact Julie Bunnell for more details:

Interested in the idea of homeschooling but cannot teach your student due to work or other commitments?  
​Berrien Springs Virtual Academy may be the right fit for you. Students are provided with all core curriculum and teacher support in an online and personal format. Open to students in all grade levels!  Virtual Academy students may also take Partnership Community Class electives.  Contact Rachel Stout for more information: 473-0500.

note: students who are taking GED prep courses through a public school and/or who have taken the GED, do not qualify for the partnership.

Questions about GED testing or if it is the right option for your student?  Our mentor teacher, Noel Bash is happy to help:

There are two testing centers - Andrews University and Lake Michigan College. All you need to do is make an account for your student at If the student is under 18, you will be prompted to fill out an age waiver when you try to schedule a test. 

There are four individual tests - Reasoning through Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Tests are scheduled and taken individually. They are $37.50 each. Students can retake a test if they don't pass that subject the first time. The retake fee is $10. Once a subject is passed, it's passed, even if the other subjects aren't passed yet.

Official practice tests are available and highly recommended. They are $6. One note on those - the computer does not score the essay on the practice test. You can print out the rubric and get an idea of how the essay would have been scored.   

If you parent or have custody of a child with (dis)abilities, come connect with other families going through a similar journey.  Together we'll build a community, explore challenges, and gain understanding.  Intended to be ongoing, this support group will be facilitated by child-focused professionals.

Childcare is a future option we hope to offer.  Starting 2/21/17 we will meet from 6-7:30 p.m. at PMC (Pioneer Memorial Church), Berrien Springs.  Follow the signs for room location.  

Email for more information or questions.

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