Standardized Testing Opportunities

latest revision: FALL 2023

Home-school students in Michigan, and therefore Partnership students, are NOT required to participate in state mandated or any other form of standardized testing.  Testing is entirely optional at any point in a student's journey and it is up to the parent to seek opportunities. 

'23-'24 Schedule

We are unsure if we are going to offer the PSAT 8/9 and 10 in the spring due to space and staffing issues.

Spring  NWEA testing will be offered to all Partnership Students Grades K - 7 in April or May of 2024.  Amy Scott will send out an invitation Spring '24 testing. The cost is $15.

Contact Amy Scott with any standardized testing questions:


ACT direct sign-up
SAT direct sign-up

Classical Conversations Testing Services
Contact Person: 
​Julie Bunnell:

Classical Conversations flyer

At Classical Conversations Testing Services, we believe that standardized testing is an important part of preparing students for college entrance exams, whether your state mandates testing or not. We take a very pragmatic attitude towards testing: the test results are not as important as the skill of test-taking, though achievement tests do provide parents with reliable data for evaluating progress in language and math skills. 

Northwestern University's Midwest Academic Talent Search (NUMATS)  - ACT, SAT, (ASPIRE)EXPLORE, and more:

ACT/SAT - prep course/tutoring:
Dr. Scott Carlin, 517-803-5037 

  • SAT Prep class held at LMC in winter/spring

Dave Foster 269-313-1780 

  • ACT/SAT tutoring located in St. Joe