Core Academics

Mars Elementary is a preschool to Second Grade elementary school. They are committed to making every child’s early education experience positive and productive. Our highly qualified staff develops students to be self-directed and a lifelong learner, who demonstrates personal competencies in academic achievement, technology, and citizenship. Mars services a highly diverse student population that makes their school environment rich with culture, talents, interests, abilities, skills, and needs.


  • Teachers are aware that students, particularly at this young age level, learn at different paces and in different ways.
  • Instruction is matched to the particular stage of development for each child.
  • ​Special programs and classrooms are in place for learners who are delayed or need extra assistance.


  • PBIS implemented multi-tiered framework with proven practices that improve behavioral and academic outcomes for students.
  • All students have the right to a safe school environment.
  • We have a positive behavior plan that focuses on treating others with respect and kindness while being responsible for our own actions.
  • Our discipline program is founded on the belief that children can learn to be in charge of their behavior at a young age (Inappropriate behavior is a result of making poor choices).
  • Students participate in saying a daily pledge focusing on responsibility and pillars of character.
  • Our school's social work program assists students in learning how to make appropriate decisions.


  • Readers Workshop model focusing on mini lessons, independent reading, small group work and conferencing, workshop teaching, and sharing.
  • Reading readiness programs offer phonemic awareness activities that provide the base for future student success.
  • Reading is taught in a workshop model that includes a combination of the whole group, small group, and individual instruction based on student needs.
  • Phonics/decoding skills, fluency, vocabulary building, and comprehension strategies are all emphasized.
  • A language immersion program called GrapeSEED is used in our preschool, kindergarten, and English as a second language classrooms.




  • Writing Workshop model focusing on mini lessons, independent writing, small group work and conferencing, workshop teaching and sharing.
  • The Mars writing approach emphasizes the stages through which young writers progress from formulating letters, to words, sentences and paragraphs.
  • As students become more fluent, they intentionally improve their skills in the mechanics of spelling, punctuation, and grammar.




  • The "Bridges to Mathematics" program provides hands-on activities in a combination of traditional and applied math.
  • Students develop skills in data collection/analysis, critical thinking, logic, geometry, integrated calendar activities as well as basic math facts and number sentences.



  • PLTW (Project Lead the Way) empowers students to adopt a design-thinking mindset through compelling activities projects and problem solving skills.  
  • Focused on computer science, engineering and biomedical science.
  • Science instruction provides active, hands-on exploration to help students understand the world around them.



  • Literature based lessons help students understand their role in family, community, and their surrounding environment.
  • Hands-on activities focused on Myself & Others, Families & Schools, and The Local Community

One-to-one technology

Technology is integrated throughout every student's day.

iPads/laptops, document cameras, interactive whiteboards, and various types of listening centers are used on a daily basis.

Extension/enrichment activities are available to all students through a virtual portal.


  • A full of range of fine arts/health programs are provided on a daily basis.
  • Physical education, visual arts, music, technology, and library skills add to our academic offerings intended to develop a well-educated student.