Vocational Education

Vocational Education Offerings

Auto Shop

Learn the grammar of automobiles and perform maintenance on automobiles. Or take an introductory course to building simple structures, using tools, and safety. 

Carpentry and Construction

This course is for students who like to build and enjoy hands on learning. Each student will
learn how to use power tools safely, practice drafting and reading construction drawings,
and spend most of the class time building structures.

Jr. Lifeguarding

Jr. Lifeguarding offers younger students the opportunity to develop the swim and preparedness skills needed for taking Lifeguarding class in the future.

Photography with Robert Ritzenthaler

This is an online class, students with any camera can join.  From a phone camera to professional camera I will show you tips and tricks to make your photos  look the best with whatever camera you have.  This class will be found under the TECH and ART categories during registration.

Woodworking and Woodturning with Tom Hurst

We will make small toys, furniture, Wildlife related and kitchen items while learning basic craft skills.  Projects will be adjusted to the experience and needs of the group.  Woodturning will be in Art and Vocational categories during registration.