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Discovery Academy is excited to introduce PRISMS, an innovative virtual reality (VR) math program. PRISMS will transform how students experience Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra II. By stepping beyond the traditional two-dimensional approach, learners will engage with math in a three-dimensional space, allowing them to explore and solve real-world problems. 

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Prisms of Reality is an experiential learning platform for math that uses adaptive Immersive Virtual Reality (IVR) to transform the math learning experience. Designed for tactile, kinesthetic, and visual sense-making while solving compelling real-world problems, our solution is designed to help school districts efficiently bridge learning losses and boost interest in STEM in a fun, engaging and delightful way while adhering to rigorous pedagogical standards. 

Our Algebra and Geometry courses in IVR each consist of 5 standards-aligned modules on core topics. Each student-led module comprises two interrelated IVR experiences (approximately 60 minutes of VR content per module). A synchronous teacher dashboard allows teachers to monitor student progress and strategically intervene while students are in VR. Offline instructional activities and materials help students build and make connections across mathematical representations to develop the ingenuity, persistence, and fluency required for future STEM success. 

Unlike other technological solutions, Prisms’ platform provides student-centered, active learning mechanisms that maximize engagement as well as performance. We provide teachers with unit-specific instructional toolkits that foster fearless implementation before, during, and after each IVR module for enduring student success. Prisms is the new paradigm in math learning, empowering teachers and students to teach and learn math through movement, experience, and discovery.