Scholarship Information

This information is for seniors and 5th year Early Middle College students looking for scholarship information.  

The spreadsheet link below shows a list of scholarships available with a link to the application.  Please do your best to plan ahead as it is expected that many, many scholarships will be coming in quickly with March deadlines.


Transcripts - if you need an official transcript for your scholarship application please see Mrs. Dronen in the Counseling Office.  I recommend that you ask for 5-8 official transcripts, that way you have your own stash at home so you have them when you need them. Please allow 24 hours to process your request.

Letters of Recommendation - If you need a letter of recommendation, ask the teacher if they would be willing to write a letter for you.  Tell them what the letter will be used for (scholarship application) and provide a deadline.  DO NOT send a link to the scholarship application without first talking to the teacher.  Suggestion: once you have the recommendation letter, make copies of it to use for multiple scholarship applications.

Essays - Many scholarship applications require you to write an essay.  Do your absolute best work on this essay then ask someone to read and give you feedback.  Be sure your essay addresses the topic - stick to the topic; don't go off on a tangent and forget to answer the question.  Suggestion: save your essay, you may be able to edit and use it for another scholarship.  

Extracurricular activities - most applications will ask what activities you participated in after school during grades 9-12.  Suggestion: to save time, create a document outlining your activities to use as a quick reference.

Free Scholarship Search Engines - Scholarship search engines will find scholarships for you based on your profile; it is up to you to apply for them.  In the past, we have used and but you are welcome to use others.  Parents - all students in Careers & Finance class set up their GoingMerry profile/account well before winter break.  If you do not see a scholarship you are eligible for below, refer to your GoingMerry account for scholarships. 

For more information, please contact :

Linda A. Bergan, MS Ed
School Counselor  (12th gr & ALL Dual Enrollment)
Berrien Springs High School
201 Sylvester Avenue
Berrien Springs, MI  49103