Welcome to Kindergarten! For many children this is their first full day school experience. We recognize this is a year of tremendous growth both academically and socially. Reading, writing, and math are our primary focus. In reading we focus heavily on mastery of letters, letter sounds, sight words, rhyming words, CVC word reading (consonant, vowel consonant such as; dog, rug, bed, cat, etc.). Children are also asked to be able to read a predictable book with slight pattern changes and identify some key concepts from the story by the end of the school year. Students also participate in daily stories, shared reading experiences, and use of technology to build foundational reading readiness skills.  Our writing curriculum begins in September with oral storytelling, next the children learn how to draw detailed illustrations, label pictures, then the children begin adding simple sentences to their stories. We also practice following a sentence pattern with our stories. Opinion writing is another writing focus later in the year. Students will write how they feel about something and then support their opinion with reasons. The children have exposure to narrative, persuasive, and informational writing throughout the year. In math we focus on counting up to 100, writing numbers up to 20, shape identification, number recognition, counting objects up to quantities of 20 and greater than/less than/equal to quantities. Students are also taught addition and subtraction equations and mathematical story problems that support addition and subtraction. The children learn these math concepts through games, calendar, small group workplaces, written practice and other hands-on ways. Click to see a more detailed description of the Common Core State Standards that your child needs to master.


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