Staff Directory

Central Office

One Sylvester Ave. / PO Box 130
Berrien Springs, MI 49103
Dr. Thomas Bruce
Steve Spenner
Assistant Superintendent
Jeff Yauchstetter
Assistant Superintendent for Innovation & Personalized Learning
Mitch Cumings
Director of Off-Site & Alternative Programs
Jennifer Thies
Human Resources Director
Kari Bennett
Chief Financial Officer
Rob Wright
Technology Director
Gail Fox
Communications Director
Tracey Jaggi
Curriculum Director
Amy Williams
State and Federal Programs Director
Chelsea Pollyea
Student Services, Title IX, McKinney Vento, & Section 504 Coordinator
Amanda Barrett
Curriculum Specialist
Christi Eppard-Mangold
Curriculum Specialist
Frank Gonzalez
Curriculum Specialist
Faith Tom
Curriculum Specialist
Brooke Essig
Business Specialist
Morgan Paustian
Payroll Clerk
Olivia Huspen
Human Resources Assistant
Jamie Spenner
Executive Assistant to the Superintendent & Asst. Supt.
Savannah Peppers