Districtwide Goals

Districtwide Goals 2022-2025

Goal #1

62% of all students will be proficient in Reading as measured by state assessment within the next three (3) years (through 2024-25).

Goal #2

52% of all students will be proficient in Math as measured by state assessment within the next three (3) years (through 2024-25).

Goal #3

All students will score in the top 25% of school districts in Berrien County in Social Studies and Science in the next three (3) years (through 2024-25).

Goal #4

The number of all repeat student offenders with three or more discipline referrals will be less than 10% for each of the three goal period years (through 2024-25).

3 Fundamental Strategies

To achieve this in these areas, the district has identified three strategies:

  1. Decreasing chronic student absenteeism,
  2. Ensuring student achievement, and
  3. Promoting student engagement in learning.

Regular attendance is fundamental to the educational success of our students. It fosters a continuous learning environment and cultivates a sense of responsibility and commitment. At Berrien Springs Public Schools, we emphasize the importance of consistent attendance as it is pivotal in shaping our student's academic journey and future achievements.

At Berrien Springs Public Schools, we place a high value on student achievement, understanding its critical role in shaping academic and personal success. Our commitment to providing a supportive and enriching learning environment aims to maximize each student's potential, preparing them for future challenges and opportunities. We celebrate every milestone in our student's learning journey, recognizing achievement as a key indicator of our shared educational aspirations and progress.

Engagement plays a vital part in learning at Berrien Springs Public Schools. We understand that when students are actively engaged, they are more likely to absorb and retain information, fostering a deeper understanding and a lifelong love for learning. Our approach prioritizes stimulating and interactive educational experiences, ensuring every student is involved in their educational journey.

8 Key Initiatives

Initiative Goal: To conduct a comprehensive review and analysis of the district’s evaluation tool in an effort to enhance the quality and effectiveness of supervisor feedback to teachers and administrators that will provide valuable insights, and ultimately enhance the overall educational experience at Berrien Springs Public Schools.

Action Items:

  • Program evaluation on Marzano Evaluation Tool
  • District-wide Evaluation Tool Inventory
  • Implement 2023-2024 Evaluation Tool Changes
  • Highlight Shamrock Experts

Initiative Goal:  Maintain a safe educational setting throughout the school district utilizing intentional behavior intervention and support strategies. 

Action Items:

  • R.O.C.K.S. Common Language and Definitions - “The Shamrock Way”  
  • PBIS Structure of Support is Created and Accessible to All
  • Develop Behavioral Data Analytics, Goal Setting, and Problem Solving with Established Teams


Initiative Goal:  Adhere to board approved curriculum including scope and sequence.   Align initiative to ongoing professional development. Develop a sustainability model of professional development.

Action Items:

  • Complete All Curriculum Guides & Scope & Sequence Guides for All Courses
  • Establish District ‘Look-Fors’ to Assist With Monitoring Curriculum Use and Pacing
  • Create Strategy Implementation Guides for All Core Areas
  • Begin to Develop a Personalized Model of Professional Learning for Staff

Initiative Goal:  To establish a Sustainable Multi-tiered System of Supports (MTSS) that includes academic interventions, qualifications, measurement tools, and progress monitoring plan.  This plan will help schools identify struggling students early and intervene quickly.

Action Items:

  • Schedule MTSS Meetings 
  • Take an Inventory of MTSS Structures in All Buildings
  • Establish Monitoring Plans

Initiative Goal:   To develop an accountable plan for district provided professional development, that ensures that our staff is highly trained and have the resources necessary to accomplish our district goals.

Action Items:

  • Conduct an Audit and Inventory of Professional Development/Conference Requests
  • Create New Professional Development Requests and Reflection Forms
  • Begin to Curate Ideas for Personalized Professional Development

Initiative Goal:  Create and maintain a learning environment where collaboration is highly valued and used to improve student learning.

Action Items:

  • Determine Current Implementation Levels Within the District via Needs Assessment
  • Develop a PLC Playbook for a Unified and Purposeful Approach to PLCs
  • Define Collaboration Time within Building Schedules

Initiative Goal:  Review all building handbooks to achieve clarity and consistency across all school sites in the district.

Action Items:

  • Compile a Review Team Consisting of Teachers, Administrators and Relevant Stakeholders
  • Review the Handbook’s Purpose and District Expectations with Administrators
  • Clearly Define the Criteria for Evaluating Handbooks While Focusing on Clarity, Consistency, and Alignment with District Policies

Initiative Goal:  Implement AI technologies to enhance the overall learning experience and empower educators with the skills for effective integration. Deploy AI platforms to assist in personalized learning, streamline administrative processes, and establish robust protocols for data security and privacy. Promote equity and inclusion by ensuring equitable access to AI resources and addressing biases. Foster a culture of innovation by encouraging experimentation and sharing successes among educators and students.

Action Items:

  • ������ Send and Analyze an All Staff Survey on Levels of Understanding AI
  • ������ Present ‘What is AI?’ in Administrative Meeting
  • ������ Plan ‘What is AI’ Workshop for Teachers/Staff
  • ������ Setup Teacher Pilots Using Khanmigo And Magic School

Initiative Goal:   All PK-12 teachers will be trained in the gold standard of Project Based Learning and students will demonstrate their knowledge through real-world projects presented to authentic audiences.

Initiative Goal:   Positively impact student achievement by ensuring all students are engaged in a collaborative and supportive learning environment.

Action Items:

  • Establish a Draft Common Definition of “Student Engagement” and Solicit Feedback from Each School/Program Improvement Team
  • Review “Project Based Learning” (PBL) Strategy Implementation Guide with Stakeholders
  • Review “Portrait of a Graduate,” “Instructional Model,” “Marzano Focused Evaluation Protocol” as Related to Student Engagement,  and “4 C’s” Documents as a Lens for the District’s Commitment to Student Engagement

Our Promise:

Transparent Communication

To keep you informed, Berrien Springs Public Schools has established regular updates through meetings and will be sharing our progress on our website. Transparent communication is vital, and BSPS believes involving our stakeholders in our journey toward student achievement is imperative.

Structured Approach

Goals without a structured approach can often remain unfulfilled aspirations. Berrien Springs Public Schools prioritizes a focused approach by concentrating on several initiatives. This targeted effort allows us to dedicate our resources effectively, leading to significant growth in teaching and learning throughout our district. 

Looking Ahead

Looking forward, Berrien Springs Public Schools (BSPS) acknowledges that the path to continuous improvement and academic achievement is collaborative. BSPS remains confident that the district's goals can be achieved by working together.