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Tech Support

If your child runs into a technology issue, has a broken device or needs assistance, please Email:  

Be sure to include: 

  • Student's Name
  • Student's Grade
  • Parent's Name
  • Tech issue description    
When you submit an email to the help desk a help ticket will be generated. Should you require further assistance that ticket will remain open and you can communicate with our technicians within the same email thread.


Provide students with technology tools and strategies that allow teachers and students to go beyond the regular classroom in order to inspire students to think, learn, achieve and care in a global community.

Berrien Springs Public Schools has always been on the leading edge of education.  We believe that in order to gain access to advanced abilities within teaching and learning, we must provide mobile devices to all of our students. Doing so will allow us to individualize learning more than ever before.

​Internet Access at Home

For those students who are participating in Connected Classroom or Virtual Academy or when we are 100% REMOTE learning as a district, if a family does not have internet access at home, a personal hotspot will be provided for students to complete their school work.

Monitoring Engagement

For grades 3 - 12, district staff will be able to monitor a GoGuardian dashboard that will provide information on students who have not logged onto their Chromebook and applications throughout the week. We have chosen GoGuardian Admin and GoGuardian Teacher services to:

  • Help protect students against harmful and inappropriate online material
  • Help students stay scholarly and more focused when learning online
  • Help assess students’ progress towards class assignments
  • Facilitate communication between teachers and students during class time

One to One Information

Berrien Springs Public Schools is a 1:1 district.  A 1:1 district means that every student has access to a learning device that has access to the Internet and other resources. All students in grades 3-12 will use their district-issued Chromebooks at school and at home. Young 5s - 2nd grade students will be issued an iPad when they return to school in August. 


Berrien Springs One to One Parent and Student Guidelines Agreement
This document spells out the expectations for students and guardians in the care and handling of the device to which they are assigned.

Berrien Springs Public Schools Student Acceptable Use Policy
Behavioral expectations for students when using Berrien Springs Public Schools technology.


One to One Parent Presentation
Information provided to parents at the beginning of the year regarding the one-to-one program.

One to One Student Presentation​
​Information provided to students at the beginning of the year regarding the one-to-one program.