Center Based Programs

Specialized Programs for Students

Some students need programs that are not offered within the district. The IEP process is used to make this determination and to place these students in programs that offer the services necessary to meet their goals and objectives. Transportation is provided for these students. These programs include:

Lighthouse Education Center (Berrien RESA) and Niles Southside School (Niles)

This program serves students with moderate and severe cognitive impairments. These programs serve students with severe emotional impairments. Lighthouse also has classrooms for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Niles Southside Pre-Vocational Program (Niles)

This program serves students ages 16 – 26 with mild cognitive impairment

Early Childhood Developmental Delay (Niles)

This half day preschool program serves students from age 3 – 7.

Specialized classrooms operated by local districts

Various districts within the county offer programs for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder, mild cognitive impairments, and emotional impairments.

Early On and Project Find

Berrien RESA operates programs to provide information and services to families. Early On focuses on children from birth to two years of age.