Humanities Offerings

Blacksmithing at Tillers International

This is an experiential education program.  Ages 12+.  This is a serious class with genuine skill development under the guidance of highly skilled blacksmiths.  This class will be listed under HUMANITIES and VOCATIONAL categories.

Creative Writing

This virtual class will primarily focus on developing your creative writing skills through exposure and trial of several different writing formats, exercises and prompts throughout the semester.

Ground Zero: Target Archery

This course is open to all skill levels for target archery instruction. Archers and will learn about range safety, an archer’s stance, shooting techniques, along with the general care of archery equipment.  This class will be found in the Humanities category under Re-enactment arts.

Whittling and Sculpting

Students will learn how to sculpt various materials by hand such as wood, foam and concrete.
Look for this class under Humanities: Re-enactment Arts during registration.