Music Offerings

BSPS Middle and High School bands and choirs

Homeschoolers are invited to join band and choir classes provided by Berrien Springs Public Schools 

Electronic Music and Recording Studio

In Electronic Music, students will learn, through hands-on experience, the basics of synthesizers, drum machines, audio sampling, sequencing/automation and effects processing.

In Recording Studio, students will create their own professional-sounding studio recordings.  

Both classes can be found under the Technology Category during registration.

Group - String Ensemble

Weekly Group lessons and chamber ensemble coaching.  Students will be required to play regularly in front of peers and larger audience for performance skill development.

In addition to learning various string repertoire and techniques, students will learn to listen attentively to other team members, help and encourage one another to play their best, and gain confidence in performing for audience.

Group Piano with Victoria Kreiter

This 45 minute lab style class is designed to give the student time to learn the material during the lessons. The structured curriculum is designed to not only teach notes, but improve aural skills, learn how to compose, music theory, and more.