Technology Offerings

Blacksmithing at Tillers International

This is an experiential education program.  Ages 12+.  This is a serious class with genuine skill development under the guidance of highly skilled blacksmiths.  This class will be listed under HUMANITIES and VOCATIONAL categories.

Electronic Music and Recording Studio

In Electronic Music, students will learn, through hands-on experience, the basics of synthesizers, drum machines, audio sampling, sequencing/automation and effects processing.

In Recording Studio, students will create their own professional-sounding studio recordings.  

Both classes can be found under the Technology Category during registration.

FLC Tech Classes

Returning FLC Tech students will continue to enjoy developing problem solving skills through a variety of technological applications.

HAM Radio Licensing and Communication: Intro and Next Level

Classes will provide all the training to allow the student to pass the Technician Class Level Amateur Radio License exam allowing them to obtain the Technician Class Amateur Radio License.  Students who already have their Technician License are encouraged to take the next level General Class License class.  Class will be in the Technology category during registration.