About Berrien Springs Public Schools

Together, inspiring students to think, learn, achieve, and care in a global community. At Berrien Springs Public Schools, we strive to serve the needs of all student learners while seeking ways for students to reach their full potential.  Our mission is to involve all stakeholders in the educational process. We have a strong focus on what we call "The Shamrock Way." The Shamrock Way is offering personalized learning opportunities where students can learn and grow in a caring environment. BSPS services a diverse student population, making our district environment rich with culture, talents, interests, abilities, skills, and needs. Our highly qualified staff develops students to be self-directed and lifelong learners who demonstrate personal competencies in academic achievement, technology, and citizenship.

Vision and Mission

Vision Statement

Together, inspiring students to think, learn, achieve and care in a global community.

Mission Statement

To work together, BSPS strives to involve all stakeholders in the educational process:

  • Staff, students, community and families collaborate for maximum student progress.

Inspiring a passion for learning is a primary focus:

  • Students and staff are passionate, enthusiastic learners.
  • Teachers act as facilitators, assisting students in their pursuits of learning.

Building thinking skills is essential:

  • Students pose and answer questions, solve problems, and use reasoning skills.
  • Students think and work both independently and in groups.

Learning is a lifelong experience for students and staff:

  • Effective, engaged learning takes place when students and staff make real world connections.
  • Students acquire the skills and knowledge in a variety of flexible, multi-sensory learning opportunities tailored to individual needs.

Achievement is demonstrated through knowledge, talents, skills and abilities:

  • BSPS holds high expectations for all students to produce their best work.

​Caring is more than a motto:

  • Staff and students work together in a nurturing, safe environment, respecting our highly diverse population.
  • Students and staff develop caring connections by helping to meet local and worldwide needs.

We live in a global community and we are preparing students for a global future:

  • Students learn with each other to understand, respect and communicate with various cultures.
  • ​Students prepare to live and work anywhere in the world, with an understanding of and interest in global issues.

District of Choices

Berrien Springs Public Schools is a district of choices and committed to offering learning opportunities through traditional classroom learning, online and blended learning, a variety of non-traditional learning environments, early/middle college, STEM programming, project-based learning, Career & Technical Education, our K-12 one-to-one initiative, community resource learning, and other learning partnerships.  With all of the learning choices available to our students and families, our goal is for students to graduate with the knowledge, skills, and characteristics needed to be successful.

Our Community

Berrien Springs Public Schools (BSPS) is an innovative and creative school district servicing approximately 2,000 students on campus and over 5,000 students statewide. Our district is a diverse school district with over 30+ countries represented from all over the world. Andrews University is located in Berrien Springs and draws students, faculty, and staff from around the world. 

Berrien Springs is a rural farming community with a few light industrial entrepreneurs in the southwestern corner of Michigan. It is geographically located within the central region of Berrien County and the fruit belt of Southwestern Michigan. Berrien Springs is approximately 10 miles east of the beautiful sandy beaches of Lake Michigan and about 2 miles east of the US 31 bypass, which connects I-94 to the Indiana Toll Road. It is 20 miles north of South Bend, Indiana, University of Notre Dame, and Indiana University at South Bend. The beautiful St. Joseph River borders the eastern and southern boundaries of the village.