Teaching & Learning

Welcome to Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment!


At Berrien Springs Public Schools our work revolves continuously and collaboratively around Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment. These components are essential in helping students acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for them to be successful lifelong learners. Singularly each one of these components is important, however, all three must work together to ensure academic growth.

Our district's focus on the art and science of effective instruction, alignment of curriculum and assessment to Michigan state standards, is through a collaborative culture and work in our Professional Learning Communities (PLCs). Each PLC is centered around four essential learning questions that guarantee learning for all.  The four questions are centered on student learning and the support systems needed to enrich a student's learning. 

The four questions of a PLC are:

1. What is it we want students to learn? (Essential Standards)

2. How will we know that they have learned? (Formative Assessment)

3. What will we do when they don't learn? (Intervention)

4. What will we do when they do learn? (Extension)

Our Curriculum department is dedicated to creating a teaching and learning environment in all Berrien Springs Public Schools classrooms that differentiate instructional strategies so all students benefit by robust career and college-bound opportunities. We also provide support services focused on assisting schools with their continuous improvement cycles by providing guidance in planning, implementation, and evaluation phases of instructional and assessment programs. Some of our roles and responsibilities include providing resources and support to PreK-12 sites, providing support to ensure student achievement; providing professional development to staff; serving as liaisons between the state and national departments of education, and facilitating goal setting and strategic planning with our building leadership team.

Our team aims to support students in becoming career & college-ready by engaging them in learning opportunities that inspire students to think, learn, achieve and care in a global community.