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​Project Based Learning Electives provided by the Berrien Springs Virtual Academy​​​​​​

All students must complete a project for this class.

Carpentry and Construction                  Spring 2024

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  • Location: Homeschool Nexus - 1870 Union Ave, Benton Harbor 
  • Instructor: Jon Bunnell 
  • Contact: phone: 269-308-2518
  • Format: In-person 
  • Class begins week of Jan. 8th        
  • Ages 9 and up 
  • Classes offered: Mondays 1-3 pm 
  • Registration Information: No additional registration necessary.

Course Description:

This course is for students who like to build and enjoy hands on learning. Each student will learn how to use power tools safely, practice drafting and reading construction drawings, and spend most of the class time building structures.

Carpentry and Construction Syllabus


*Please note: it is important to make as informed a decision as possible when choosing your student's Community Resource classes. Most locations will allow a student to drop a class after one meeting, at no charge if it wasn't a good fit for the student, but not all. Some classes plan ahead based on the number that have signed up and have purchased materials, hired teachers, etc. and there might be a fee for class time or materials given to the student if the student drops after one or two meetings. The school cannot pay for classes that students do not complete, so choose wisely; if you do not take the class off of your student's schedule by the deadline, you may be asked to pay for the class time incurred prior to dropping the class.

Teacher of Record: Tom Hurst

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