Assessment at Berrien Springs Public Schools


Delta Math







Any questions regarding assessments, please contact the BSPS Assessment Coordinator Faith Tom at ftom@homeoftheshamrocks.org.

Link to Autobooks to make a payment to BSPS

Conference Request Forms
This form needs to be completed and turned in to Central Office to request approval for attendance to a workshop or conference, whether there is a registration fee or not.



Employee Mileage Reimbursement
For reimbursement on mileage, please fill out the following form:

2024 Mileage Reimbursement Form (Google Form)

2024 Mileage Reimbursement Form (Excel Form)

Travel/Meal Allowance Information
This document outlines the travel and meal allowance.

Travel/Meal Allowance

Vendor Check Request Form
This form is to be used to request a check payment to a vendor for payment of a service or invoice. Submit this form with the invoice.

Vendor Check Request Form

Employee Leave Request Form
This form is to be submitted to Central Office to request a scheduled leave for planned sick days, personal days, emergency days, vacation days, comp time...

Employee Leave Request Form

Timecard Information
Access your timecard below.

Timecard Form

Employee Incident Form
To be completed and signed by the supervisor when an employee has had an incident or injury. This form is needed to file a workers' compensation claim. To be submitted to the Central Office-Human Resources.

Employee Incident Form

Fundraiser Coordination Form
For the purpose of coordinating fundraising activities among the many groups within the BSPS family. Submit to Assistant Principal at the High School for approval. 

Fundraiser Coordination Form

Deposit Slips

Deposit Slip Form

Charge Card Receipt Approval Form
This form may be used to submit receipts made to district purchase cards to document approval and the purpose of purchase.

Charge Card Receipt Approval Form

Purchase Cardholder Guide

BSPS Business Office Procedures And Federal Awards Administration

Michigan Pupil Accounting Manual

OSHA Form 300a Summary Of Work-Related Injuries for 2022

New Employee Information And Forms

  1. Federal W-4 Form
    Please complete page 1 and submit acceptable documents as listed on page
  2. Michigan W-4 Form
  3. I9 Employment Eligibility Verification
  4. Michigan New Hire Form
  5. New Member Retirement Plan Election
  6. Internet Acceptable Use Request Form
  7. Pa189 Previous Employer Background Check
  8. Direct Deposit Authorization
  9. Criminal Conviction Release Form
  10. Board Policy Notice Verification
  11. Release For Previous Fingerprint Report
  12. Employee Emergency Information Form
  13. 403b Salary Reduction Form

  14. Contracted Teachers 21/26 Pay Election Form

We will also need 2 forms of acceptable identification (preferably a driver's license and social security card)

Information & Required Notices

If you qualify and have been instructed to complete the insurance applications please review the following documents and applications

Insurance Benefit Information

Employee Share Of Premium Cost Information

2022 Hard Cap Rates

2021-2022 (Effective July 1, 2021)

MESSA Rate Renewal Reports

Insurance Benefit Enrollment Forms

Video Tutorial-Traditional Application Link
Video Tutorial-HSA Application Link

MESSA Summary Of Benefits


Certified Staff Will Need To Turn In:

  • "Official" College Transcripts
  • Teaching Certificate
  • College Graduate Credits
  • Copy Of Tenure Letter (If Applicable)

Paraprofessionals Will Need

  • "Official" College Transcripts or Work Keys Assessment
  • If Certified, a Copy of Teaching Certificate

Bargaining Agreements can be found on the State and Federal Reports page.

Advancement Pathways

  • Secondary Math Progressions

Instructional Strategies​

Project Based Learning

​Kagan Cooperative Learning


Professional Development Forms

Professional Development Requests

Professional Learning Communities (PLC)

Teachers Supporting Teachers Mentor Program

Michigan Online Educator Certification System (MOECS)

District/School Improvement

For any questions regarding district improvement, please contact Tracey Jaggi at tjaggi@homeoftheshamrocks.org


Elementary District Walkthrough Form

Secondary District Walkthrough Form


State and Federal Programs

BSPS District & School Improvement/PLC Agenda Template
Paraprofessional Activity Record Sheet (PARS)

For information regarding State and Federal programs, please contact Amy Williams at awilliams@homeoftheshamrocks.org.