Project Based Learning Electives provided by the Berrien Springs Virtual Academy

Logic and Critical Thinking through puzzle analysis

Spring 2024

  • Instructors' Names:   Rob Kerr (primary instructor), Marty Klubeck
  • phone:  269-362-5046 
  • email:
  • Fun Learning Company Website
  • Location: STEAMWORKS: 606 Carrol St, Suite B, Buchanan MI 49107 
  • Grades 5+
  • Additional registration at site required: No

Logic and Critical Thinking through Puzzle Analysis
Wednesdays 1-2pm, Classes begin January 22

Learn strategy, logic, critical thinking, and problem-solving through games! We will use fun, educational, games to build critical thinking and tactics. This course will introduce a variety of topics in graph theory, logical deduction, pattern recognition, and theory of mind. Games vary from year to year (this course may be taken for two years in a row). Past games include Set, Clue, Bananagrams, Catan, Mastermind, Ticket to Ride, Election Night, and more. Along with each game, we will have further puzzles and discussions, reflecting on which strategies work well and why, as well as bonus “puzzle of the week” (typically a  riddle or brain teaser). We will analyze the games we cover -- including breaking down how the rules affect the optimal strategy, and how adding/removing rules affects game play. Students will then apply their skills to examine the strategy and rules of a game they choose; including choosing a new rule to add, predicting its effect, and recording their results playing with the new rule. In the second semester, we’ll cover more about how to create and publish your own game, learning from two instructors who have both published small games.

Puzzles, Logic and Critical Thinking Syllabus

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Teacher of Record: Becky Howard K-8 and Mark Ring 9-12