Virtual Piano Prodigy Spring 2024

Virtual Piano Prodigy

  • Grades: All, grades K-2 will need assistance
  • Start/End Dates: The class will run from September 18- December 4, 2023 and again from February 5-April 22, 2023. Spring students MUST be fully participatory on opening day/week.

Bookshark students would be expected to continue the class for the entire year. All other partnership students are only obligated for the semester. 

  • Weeks Total: 12 weeks each semester                     
  • Day/Time Requred: Online class.

Classwork is completed when the student has availability. Students should spend a minimum of 30 minutes a day, 3 days per week on their assignments. ​

​Description: Piano Prodigy revolutionizes music education through gamification. Students learn to play the piano through innovative new gaming techniques and streaming video! The 50 included lessons are designed by expert music and piano instructors. Integrated video lessons and a lesson book, which are inside the game itself, make Piano Prodigy the single most comprehensive source to start learning the piano.  We will break these lessons down in Google Classroom and pace ourselves for 25 lessons each semester.

Students will do 2 lessons per week. Each lesson will consist of a short video where the teacher shares the key concepts for the lesson. Students will then play a song and play games to reinforce learning. Students will turn in screenshots of completed activities in Google Classroom each week to Mandy Jankoviak from September 18- December 4, 2023 and again from February 5-April 22, 2023.

Piano Prodigy Syllabus

Required Materials:

  • Provided by the partnership: Access to the online program Piano Prodigy and a keyboard if the student does not already have a keyboard or piano at home.
  • Students are expected to return the partnership-provided keyboard at the end of the semester.
  • Provided by the student/ family: Access to the internet and a computer with Windows 8/10 or macOS 10.13 or greater.

*Please note: it is important to make as informed a decision as possible when choosing your student's Community Resource classes. Most locations will allow a student to drop a class after one meeting, at no charge if it wasn't a good fit for the student, but not all. Some classes plan ahead based on the number that have signed up and have purchased materials, hired teachers, etc. and there might be a fee for class time or materials given to the student if the student drops after one or two meetings. The school cannot pay for classes that students do not complete, so choose wisely; if you do not take the class off of your student's schedule by the deadline, you may be asked to pay for the class time incurred prior to dropping the class.

Teacher of Record:  Mandy Jankoviak