Project Based Learning Electives provided by the Berrien Springs Virtual Academy​​​​​​

Swim Lessons (group) 

All students must complete a project for these classes.

Please be sure to register online with the Berrien Springs Partnership and be mindful of your YMCA branch locations. You will be contacted by the YMCA, via e-mail or telephone, regarding course specifics.  *For late registrations (outside registrations dates), or changes, please contact the partnership as well as the YMCA.

*Students must be registered for Session I and will automatically be registered for, and must complete, Session II as well.

  • Classes begin the week of Jan. 8 .
  • Format: In-person
  • Contact: Allison Kiggins   Phone: 269-683-1552  
    email:   Website:
  • **Days and times for classes may change, please contact the YMCA for days and times.**

Group Swim lessons

Each level of swim lessons will focus on skills that will progress in difficulty. At the end of each session (7weeks) students will be evaluated and moved if necessary. All swim lessons are geared toward increasing the student’s self-confidence and physical fitness. This course also includes a "Safety Around Water" a lesson to help grow awareness and skills in the water.

*Students should bring appropriate swim attire and goggles.

****Parents cannot stay in class with the student, it is drop off only.  They are welcome to attend 'Watch Me Swim' days as offered, and they can stay in the lobby to observe the lessons, but they can't be in the pool area.

YMCA Group Swim Syllabus

Group Swimming lessons:  

Winter/Spring 2024 Session:

Registration (online) for residents & non-residents beginning Monday January 8

Lessons begin on Monday January 15

Two sessions for each semester.  Must attend both sessions.  Please register with them and tell them that you are with the Berrien Springs Partnership.  You may need to report your student's attendance to a parent partnership liaison. 

You must visit this website in order to register with the Pool:

Bridgman Aquatic Center website

Teacher of Record: Sara Smothers