March 6, 2023

Middle and High School Science Olympiad Teams Compete at the Regional Competition

Middle School Science Olympiad Team
Middle School Science Olympiad Team
High School Science Olympiad Team
High School Science Olympiad Team

Both teams place 3rd in the Region.

On March 3, 2023, the Middle and High School Science Olympiad teams competed at the Regional Science Olympiad competition.  The competition was held at Lake Michigan College and hosted by Berrien RESA.  The competition results are below.


Overall: 3rd out of 9 Teams 

Top Three Middle School Division B Teams:
1st: Upton Middle School
2nd: Lakeshore Middle School
3rd: Berrien Springs Middle School (Placed in 10 of 23 events)

1st Place Finishes:
Bridges - Edwin Seo, Jiwoo Noh

2nd Place Finishes:
Codebusters - Joshua Andersen, Gabrielle Gittens
Disease Detectives - Leah Minsungwi, Gabrielle Gittens
Fast Facts - Brody Nelson, Gabrielle Gittents
Experimental Design - Joshua Andersen, Edwin Seo

3rd Place Finishes:
Anatomy & Physiology - Leah Misungwi, Edwin Seo
Crave The Wave - Ethan Mugambi, David Ng'ang'a
Dynamic Planet - Ethan Mugambi, David Ng'ang'a
Green Generation - Leah Misungwi, Joshua Andersen
Solar System - Ethan Mugambi, David Ng'ang'a


Overall: 3rd out of 5 Teams 

Top Three High School Division C Teams:
1st: St. Joseph High School
2nd: Lakeshore High School
3rd: Berrien Springs High School

1st Place Finishes:
Anatomy & Physiology - David Santiago, Kristina Halder
Experimental Design - Luke Morrison, Zachary Duah
Fermi Questions - Luke Morrison, Zachary Duah
Forensics - Athenabelle Lieu, Thandazo Jungu
Its About Time  - Athenabelle Lieu, Thandazo Jungu
Rocks & Minerals - Athenabelle Lieu, Rebekah Griffiths
Wifi Lab - Jamir Flie, Aiden Geates

2nd Place:
Astronomy - Athenabelle Lieu, Kristina Halder
Disease Detectives - Nancy Lopez-Lara, Lucie Gourion
Scrambler - Evie Morrison, Amelia Case

3rd Place Finishes:
Dynamic Planet - Samantha Santiago, Lucie Gourion
Environmental Chemistry - Nancy Lopez-Lara, Kristina Halder
Forestry  - Luke Morrison, Zachary Duah
Remote Sensing - David Santiago, Rebekah Griffiths
Trajectory - Evie Morrison, Amelia Case

We congratulate our students on their accomplishments!  They represented Berrien Springs very well during the regional competition. The middle school team will attend the state competition on April 22, 2023, at Michigan State University. Science Olympiad aims to inspire students to become the next scientists, health professionals, and engineers.  Students can experience many hands-on activities encouraging project design, problem-solving, and teamwork.